Hair Color Experts

 Hair Color That Radiates Beauty

Hair color is something we take seriously at Beautiful Grace Salon. There is no such thing as settling for second best. Our job is not finished until you leave our shop feeling encouraged and confident. Therefore, we’re motivated to discover the hair color that best compliments you. With almost a decade of industry experience, you can trust Beautiful Grace to offer you a real hair-care revolution.


We specialize in precision cuts, on-trend styles, comprehensive color and dye jobs; there is nothing we cannot handle. From ombre highlights to gray coverage, balayage, color correction, and more – we do it all. Plus, our expert stylists are always on hand to discuss and recommend colors and cuts based on complexion, face shape, and skin tone.


There’s More to Going to The Salon

Here at Beautiful Grace, we understand that for most women, a trip to the salon represents more than just a haircut. It helps give women confidence, a pampering time, and a chance for relaxation. A salon date should make a lady feel gorgeous inside and out. That’s why we’re so passionate and desire to give you the full benefit of our skills and expertise.


Maybe you want to come in for a brand new look, a change of color, or perhaps you just want to get your roots touched up. No matter what it is you are looking for, our stylists can’t wait to sit down with you and discuss what’s going to make you look stunning.


We take pride in delivering the look you want. From conventional, professional looks to crazy colors, our experienced stylists at Beautiful Grace will transform your hair and bring out the best in you.


At Beautiful Grace we Care

There are some hairstyles that are more intensive than others. For example, anything that involves the hair being bleached puts more of strain on the hair follicle. That’s why our stylists adhere to a rigid set of haircare guidelines. We use only the finest gels, creams, and dyes available, so customers leave with shiny and healthy hair – no matter what their choice of style.


We have recently added a new bleaching product to our line (Olaplex), to make the process of bleaching and coloring dark hair even easier. This product puts less pressure on the follicles, significantly reduces the follicular damage caused by bleaching, and enables color crazy gals to keep on rocking their favorite shades. Our hair dyes are all top of the range and guarantee vibrant colors that stand the test of time.


Find Great Hairstyling Services in Humble

To start your haircare journey and take the first step towards that perfect style, get in touch with the friendly advisers at Beautiful Grace today. They are committed to providing skilled, sensitive, and personalized advice, so arrange a consultation and let us know what you want. Plus, we offer a range of different services for women who want to cover and conceal gray hair. It might be a sign of your strength and wisdom, but gray patches can make hair tricky to style and present.