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Hairstyles for Women: 7 Best Celebrity Haircuts of 2017

Hairstyles for Women: 7 Best Celebrity Haircuts of 2017 Are you looking for a new hairstyle to go with the newly approaching Fall season?

Are you ready to break out of the same look you’ve had for years? If so, why not look to the stars? Celebrities that is. Celebrities are constantly changing their hairstyles and setting hair trends. Look to celebrities with similar face shapes or hair texture to yours to gain new haircut inspiration. This article will lay out the top 7 celebrity haircuts of 2017 and how you can emulate them:

1) Look Out for the Lob

Tons of celebrities are rocking “lob” haircuts in 2017. “Lob” is hair-speak for a long-bob. This hairstyle is perfect for those who like the look of bobs but aren’t fully ready to commit to one. Lobs are a super convenient and flattering hairstyle on any face shape. With a lob you can easily straighten your hair to give it more length, or use your flat iron to add flattering waves. Lobs are also a great style for the wake-up-and-go girl who doesn’t have time for styling their hair. Check out Selena Gomez’s signature lob look here.

2) Boast Bold Bangs

Despite what anyone might tell you, bangs never really go out of style. Bangs have been a staple in celebrity haircuts since the dawn of time. They look great and can be worn on any hair length. And, they are a fantastic way to disguise a larger forehead. Check out Jessica Biel’s bold bangs with her long wavy hair – so chic. By cutting out the upper 25% of your face, bangs cause the attention to go to your eyes and mouth. If you’re not fond of maintaining your brows, bangs are also a great way to hide them. Word to the wise: bangs do require quite a bit of maintenance. You need to get them trimmed every 4-6 weeks to keep them out of your eyes.

3) Look Picture Perfect with a Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts may be named after adorable fairies, but it takes a brave girl to rock one. Many women believe that if they cut their hair into a short pixie cut they will lose their femininity. However, celebrities have proved time and time again that this is not the case. Ever since Emma Watson cut her hair into a pixie after she completed her stint as Hermione Grainger in the Harry Potter films, women everywhere have been inspired by pixie cuts. Cutting your hair short can be empowering. It reminds you that you’re still the same beautiful you whether you have a long flowing mane or not. Besides, pixie cuts emphasize your facial structure and make your cheek bones pop. Look how fantastic Jordan Dunn looks in her recent pixie cut.

4) Layer Your Length

Ok, so maybe the pixie cut look isn’t for you and you’re clinging to your long tresses right now for dear life. That’s ok. There are still ways to make your long hair more interesting. Adding layers to your long hair will make it easier to style. There’s nothing more beautiful than long billowing layers that are curled with a curling iron. Be sure to take care of your long locks by trimming them every 4-6 weeks to keep your hair healthy and your ends from splitting. For long layer inspiration, look at Rosie Huntington Whitley’s enviable locks.

5) Try a Classic A-line Bob

This year, try a timeless bob that ends right at your jawline. This hairstyle will make you look slimmer and accentuate your jaw. This is one of the classic celebrity haircuts that women turn to time and time again. An A-line bob is cut shorter in the back and left longer in the front. This style showcases your next and collarbone area beautifully. This haircut is your excuse to buy new necklaces since your neck is always exposed! Bob’s are super easy to tussle your hands through and style quickly. Check out Chloe Morietz’s bob here.

6) Look like Royalty with Mid Length Waves

Not too short and not too long, Kate Middleton’s hair cut is just right. Mid-length hair that falls just past your collarbone is the perfect hair cut for those who don’t want to commit to either long or short hair. Mid length hair works on any face shape and looks extremely classy. A mid length hair cut might be best suited for a professional who needs to look their best for work every day. Even if you leave mid length hair unstyled, it still manages to look chic and put together.

7) Go Rock and Roll with a Buzz Cut

Keep your head cool and your style sizzling this year with a buzzcut. There isn’t a single outfit you can wear that won’t look twice as cool with a buzzcut. We know it’s scary to shave your head but it can make you look and feel amazing. Just look at Kristen Stewarts 2017 buzzcut. Kristen Stewart loves her super short hair style and says it’s “practical” and that she “can’t stop touching it”. The best part about a buzzcut look, it requires absolutely zero styling and you can wait longer between shampoos because your hair won’t look greasy.

Follow Your Hair Dreams With These Celebrity Haircuts

Whether you love long tresses or strive for short do’s, it’s important to find a good hairstylist who can make your hair dreams come true. Bring in a picture of one of the celebrity haircuts mentioned above and our stylist will do our best to make your dreams a reality. Pictures of the exact hair cut you want help us out immensely in crafting your perfect haircut. Sometimes a verbal description isn’t enough for us to grasp specifics. Remember, we can’t change your face to look like any celebrity, but we can make your hair look very close. If you have any questions about this article or want to book a service at our salon, please contact us here today. We look forward to seeing you in the salon![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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