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Why You Should Hire A Professional To Do Your Bridal Makeup

Why You Should Hire A Professional To Do Your Bridal Makeup Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Keep reading to learn why you should hire a professional to do your bridal makeup. So you’ve planned your perfect wedding. You’ve booked the ideal venue, picked out your fairytale dress, and coordinated a ceremony your family and fiance will be sure to love.

If you’ve put in all this effort, you deserve to look your best. As the bride, all eyes are on you, so it’s essential to hire someone who can create a bridal makeup look that brings out your inner and outer beauty. Not convinced you need a professional makeup artist for your big day? Read on to learn why hiring a makeup artist is essential for your wedding.

Makeup Artists Save You Time & Stress

Your wedding day should be one full of laughter, love, and celebration — not unnecessary stress. But sometimes the day of your wedding is as stressful (or more) than the planning process. From pre-wedding jitters to unexpected plus-ones, things can get overwhelming.

When you hire a makeup artist, you can take one less stressful thing off your plate. Instead of worrying about your lip color or liquid eyeliner, you can sit back, relax and focus on the important things like your happily ever after. You can even enjoy a pre-wedding cocktail or meditate as your makeup artist makes you look beautiful.

Wedding Makeup Isn’t Easy

Wedding makeup isn’t just about picking the right foundation or lip color. It’s about creating a photo-ready look, which is easier said than done. Makeup artists have been trained on how to makeup that looks good despite camera flashes and any lighting issues with your venue. It takes special skill to apply makeup that will look good in professional lighting or appear flattering in black and white photos.

Fun fact: Brides often wear as much as 30% more makeup on their wedding than they do in their everyday life.

Makeup Artists Use High-Quality, Professional Products

Why break the bank buying high-end cosmetics when you can hire someone who already has them? Makeup artists have an array of high-quality makeup options at their disposal. These options are long-lasting and often waterproof, which means they’ll last throughout the day. No need to worry about any happy crying. Makeup artists also know how to apply makeup that will last throughout the day. So you can walk down the aisle and dance the night away at your reception without worrying about your makeup wearing off.

Makeup Artists Have the Skills to Create Your Ideal Look

If you’re not the best with makeup, professional bridal makeup is a necessity. Makeup artists guarantee that your makeup turns out exactly the way you envisioned it. A makeup artist will apply bridal makeup that highlights your best features, whether it’s your smooth skin, plump lips, or striking eyes. They also know how to cover the features you don’t love and can hide any blemishes or skin imperfections.

Not exactly sure what you want your makeup to look like? Here are some tips:

  • Flip through magazines and cut out pictures of any models or runway looks that catch your eye
  • Print out pictures of your favorite celebrities or any makeup looks that you love
  • Write down a list of certain brands or color shades you like.

Have absolutely no idea where to start? Here are some great bridal hair and makeup ideas:

If you like delicate and dreamy

Go with a side chignon updo. This look works great with slightly wavy hair and a cute headband. Apply soft, subtle makeup like a nude lip to complete the look.

If you like vintage style

Go with finger waves and rosy makeup. Finger waves give off the 1920’s old-fashioned look that has become popular again in recent days. Pair this with a rosy pink lip and blush to make it complete.

If you like retro chicness

From the side ponytail with a teased crown to the geometric cut, there are a lot of great hair options for those who love the retro-chic look. Whatever the hair, have your bridal makeup be light eyeshadow with some thick black eyeliner. It’s seriously chic.

Makeup Artists Guarantee a Uniform Look for the Whole Bridal Party

Letting your bridesmaids do their own makeup can lead to some disastrous consequences. The last thing you want is for one bridesmaid to have a bright blue lip, and another one to have electric-yellow eyeshadow. It’s your big day, you don’t want anyone’s makeup stealing attention away from you. A makeup artist can create a unique but uniform look for everyone in your party. Without any makeup distractions, all eyes can be on the most beautiful woman in the room: you.

Makeup Artist Can Teach You How to Improve Your Everyday Makeup

Are you worried that the cost of having bridal makeup done outweighs the benefit?

Think again!

When you get a makeup artist, you’re not just paying for a one-day service, you’re paying for valuable makeup tips and tricks you can use long after the ceremony.

Here are just a few things makeup artists can teach you:

  • Determine when your skin is dry and how you can properly exfoliate it
  • Fix your brows to best frame your eyes
  • Cover up blemishes and avoid dry and oily skin
  • Highlight your features and contour
  • How to avoid flaky lips
  • What makeup products to buy to apply the perfect look

Hiring a Makeup Artist to Do Your Bridal Makeup Is Often Cheaper

You may think a professional makeup artist is expensive, but hiring someone to do your makeup is sometimes cheaper than doing it yourself. Doing your own makeup often requires a professional makeup lesson beforehand, which is an unnecessary cost. And then it requires spending hundreds of dollars on makeup and beauty products you may never use again. Why spend more to potentially be more stressed out on your wedding day?

Tip: If you find a cheap makeup artist, chances are they lack experience. Book a makeup artist with a portfolio, glowing reviews, and a good reputation.

It’s Pampering

How many times in your life will you have an excuse to get your makeup professionally done? Your wedding is a perfect time to treat yourself to some pampering. An on-location makeup artist will come to you, and create an environment that will be stress-free and even fun.


If you’re throwing the best wedding, you deserve the best bridal makeup. Getting your makeup professionally done is affordable, stress-free, and even fun! Don’t let your big day get ruined by something like makeup. Book an appointment with a hair stylist or makeup artist so you can guarantee you’ll look your best on your big day.

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