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Keratin Treatments

Looking for a hair treatment that will make your hair easier to manage and cut down on frizz? A keratin treatment might be for you. Known as keratin treatments, Brazilian blowouts, or Brazilian keratin treatments, these procedures can make hair look straighter, reduce frizz, and give your hair a glossy shine. Even better, the results can last up to six months. Read on to learn more about Keratin treatments and see if they might be right for your hair.

What is keratin?

Keratin is a protein that is naturally produced in the body and makes up our hair and nails. Keratin is also produced by other animals, where it shows up in places like horns, feathers, and woold, and the keratin used in keratin treatments are derived from these natural sources.

Is keratin vegan?

Generally, keratin treatments are animal-derived, so they are not going to be vegan-friendly. However, there are some great vegan keratin products and keratin alternatives, so if you are a vegan looking for the benefits of keratin treatments, call ahead and we can talk about those alternatives.

What does getting a keratin treatment involve?

Getting a keratin treatment can be a lengthy process, so you want to plan to spend several hours at the salon. It starts with having your hair washed and then the keratin treatment is added and sits on your hair. Keratin can be added to wet or dry clean hair, but at some point in the process hair is blow dried and then hot ironed to seal in the treatment. After your treatment, you will need to wait three or four days before getting your hair wet.

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Are there any risks with keratin treatment?

Some keratin formulations contain ingredients that create formaldehyde when mixed together, and these formulations can actually give you better results. However, because of its potential for toxicity, formaldehyde needs to be used in well-ventilated areas and pregnant women should avoid using products with it at all. There are also formulations that contain glyoxylic acid instead of formaldehyde and they still give great results without the associated risks.

Can keratin be used with hair color?

Absolutely. In fact, keratin treatments can help lock-in hair color, keeping your hair color looking shinier and more vibrant. Just make sure your stylist knows that you want to do both treatments; keratin should be done after a color treatment.

How long do keratin treatments last?

Keratin treatments can last up to six months, but a lot of how long they last depends on you. If you wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week, you can expect to get close to six months of great hair days from a keratin treatment. That ends up being 50 to 75 shampoos. If you are a daily hair washer, then your results could last closer to two months, instead. Swimming in water with chlorine or salt water or using hair products with sodium chlorides or sulfates can also strip the treatment from your hair.

How does keratin add shine to your hair?

In a keratin treatment, the keratin fills in or smooths the spaces between the cells that make up your hair strands, resulting in a shiny look with less frizz.

Does keratin fix split ends?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no.  There is still no product available out there that will permanently repair split ends.  However, and this is a very big deal, keratin can bond split ends back together, reducing the look of split ends for up to six months.  It can really help preserve hair length and give the look of healthy hair we all want, which makes it perfect if you are growing your hair out or simply prefer long styles.

Can keratin make your hair healthier?

Keratin does not actually improve the health of your hair, but it can give you the appearance of healthier hair. By dramatically decreasing the amount of frizz in your hair and making hair more manageable, it also cuts down on the need to heat-style your hair, which can result in healthier hair over the long run.

Can keratin damage your hair?

Keratin treatments are generally safe for most hair types. They are far less damaging than other types of relaxers. However, since they do require the application of intense high heat to seal in the treatment, they should not be done more than three or four times a year. If you are starting with hair that is super-fine or severely damaged, keratin treatments may not be right for you.

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Are keratin treatments right for me?

Choosing the right treatment for your hair depends on so many different factors, such as texture, condition of your hair, and the level of maintenance that you want. Keratin treatments are a great way for most people to get long-lasting, healthier-looking, more-manageable, frizz-free hair, but they are not the only option if you and I decide keratin is not right for you.