Transform Your Hair with the Hottest Styles and Colors In 2017

Hottest Hair Styles and Hair Colors As the year draws to a close, most of us start to think about change. For many, a new year is an opportunity for reinvention and renewal. It is the perfect time to kick off a healthy eating regime or revive a tired wardrobe. There is certainly no better time to experiment with a bold new hairstyle. If you want to start the year with a bang, you need to feel like a million dollars.

In 2017, soft and natural shades will be everywhere. Gone are the ice blonde and balayage tones. They’ll be replaced by much more delicate and subtle blondes, auburns, and chestnuts. While the emphasis is on simplicity when it comes to color, the hottest styles of the year are bolder, braver, and more beautiful than ever before. This guide to the biggest hair trends of 2017 will give you some inspiration and help you start your new year with a splash.

Getting to Grips with the Coolest Hair Styles & Colors

The catwalks for winter 2017 have been awash with gorgeous shades. Blondes are going to be big, with both ash and strawberry tones making a recurring appearance. Most have been delicate and natural, but some of the darkest colors are an exception. Blacks, for example, are set to be hyper glossy and super shiny throughout winter.

For those with a fondness for highlights, a similar trend can be seen. Already the balayage and ombre effects are being passed over for richer color transitions and ‘grown in’ roots. This is something that skilled stylists are great at creating. So, if you want the naturally blended look, get down to an Atascocita salon and discuss the best cut and color options for your hair.

Adding Some Sparkle with a Brand New Style

Pump Up the Volume

Big hair styles are very trendy right now, with everybody from Zac Posen to Diane von Furstenberg channeling some serious eighties vibes on the runway. It is all about defined curls and undulating waves. Get your stylist to pump up the volume and show you how to create lots of texture and body.

Crimping It Out

If you are a fan of retro styles, you’ll be pleased to know that everybody seems to be going crimp crazy right now. This throwback look is hugely popular and will continue to be hot throughout winter 2017. The trend extends all the way from the tiniest, subtlest patches of zigzag waves, right through to full on, totally crimped out hair.

Fancy French Pleats

The French pleat is a truly wonderful and elegant hairstyle. It has more than a little aristocratic grandeur about it, so it is ideal for formal events. As it can be very tricky to get these twisted pleats to curl flawlessly across the head and crown, it is better to work with a stylist. They’ll be able to wash, dry, and delicately coiffure your hair into neat, high rolls.

Playing the Long Game

Long hair is back and it looks more dramatic than ever. In the new year, the emphasis will be on quite simple cuts but paired with much longer tresses. This ensures that those glossy, shiny lengths get all of the attention. If you do have quite long hair, your stylist will be able to give you some advice on the best ways to care for it, particularly in winter.

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