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Eyelash Perms

Want to make your eyes pop, even when you aren’t wearing mascara and don’t have time for a curler?  Then an eyelash perm might be for you. The process, which does not take a long time, gives you a wide-eyed look that makes your lashes appear longer, and lasts for about two to four months.

What is the process?

You come into the salon with clean lashes and no eye makeup. There are a few different chemical combinations we can use for your lashes, but generally we apply a first solution to break down the existing bonds that keep your lashes with their natural slightly upwards curl. The solution sits for five to fifteen minutes. Then, we apply a second solution, sometimes referred to as an activator and use a rod to create a more dramatic curl. The solution sits for another five-to-fifteen-minute period. Then we clean off the solution and you are ready to go!

Is the process painful?

It should not be painful at all. We use chemicals that are safe for a professional to use around the eyes and am gentle when manipulating the lashes. It should not be painful. Some people do find it difficult to have their eyes closed or dislike the sensation of anything sitting on their eyes. Bringing headphones and listening to an audiobook, favorite podcast, or even relaxing music can help you pass the time.

Is there special after-care?

For the first day, you want to avoid getting your lashes wet or using mascara. If you sleep on your face, you want to try a different sleeping position that night, since your lashes might still be fragile. After that, there are no real special after-care instructions, but regularly using a lash conditioner can help keep your lashes in good shape.

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Will a lash perm make my lashes fall out?

No. Eyelashes constantly grow out and are replaced every two to four months and a lash perm will not stop that process, but a professional lash perm should not cause you to lose any lashes.

Can I tint and perm my lashes?

Yes, you can safely perm tinted lashes.

Can I DIY a lash perm?

Please don’t. While the chemicals used for lash perms are considered safe when used by professionals, you are putting chemicals by your eyes.

What will my lashes look like after a perm?

You are not going to look like you have lash extensions. But a lash perm can give you a fuller-looking open-eyed look that if waterproof and stays with you. It will give you a more finished appearance when you are not wearing makeup and let you skip the eyelash curler when you are. So, if you are looking for an easy way to give your appearance a boost, an eyelash perm might be just the thing!