Hair Cuts and Styles

We Have The Right Cut For You

At Beautiful Grace Salon, we focus on your unique needs. That starts with a hairstyle that fits your personality, face shape, and lifestyle.

Either you know exactly how you would like your hair cut, or you need guidance to choose a look that complements your features. Our team at Beautiful Grace Salon is here to make sure you look your best. We start with a simple consultation to find out the following:

How much time do you spend on your hair every day?
Your life should define your hairstyle, not the other way around. So, for example, if you prefer a style that doesn’t take long to fix, we’ll give you a style to keep you looking effortlessly beautiful.

Do you prefer to wear your hair straightened, wavy or curly?
A hairstyle that looks wonderful when your hair is straight can look wildly different when your hair is curly or wavy. So, if your hair has natural curl, or you prefer to curl it most days, we make sure your cut accommodates the way you plan to wear it. We do provide either permanent or semi-permanent straightening.

How often do you want to come back to our salon? We love to see you, but we realize you may not want to trek to the salon for another trim every week. So, if you prefer to come in less often, our team helps you choose a style that looks good now and also grows out nicely. And if you choose a higher-maintenance look, we check with you up front to ensure you’re comfortable with the upkeep required.

How daring or conservative are you feeling? Even if you have kept the same look for a while, we always check with you to see how you feel when you visit our salon. If you want to make a change, we help you select a look that fits with your professional and personal commitments and make the best of where you are today.

Customer Service You Can Count On

Once our team has worked with you to choose a look, you can count on the stylists here at Beautiful Grace Salon to follow through with a luxurious wash, efficient and meticulous cut. And, whatever finishing treatments you desire. We specialize in keeping your hair healthy, so we use cutting-edge products to maintain your hair’s strength and volume. We also take the utmost care during all our heat treatments, including blowouts and flat ironing.

We aren’t done until you are happy. So, in the off chance you aren’t perfectly pleased with your style, let us know right away. We will fix the issue immediately.

Professional Stylists Who Know All About Houston

Maintaining your look year round can be tough in Houston. Luckily, our team of stylists has years of experience delivering looks that stand up to the elements here in the Houston area.

Plus, our years in Houston have helped us keep up with the latest trends for every occasion. Let us help you find the best look for your career, special occasion or wedding. Give us call or drop into the salon today to talk to our team today and we’ll have you looking your best in no time.

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